Custom Home Painting

Benny’s Painting provides the personalized interior and exterior home painting services.

Benny’s Painting has been working with homeowners and decorators for over 40 years.  They provide the attention to detail and the professional craftsmanship that homeowners want.

Ultimate Crisp Edges

For homeowners that want premium quality, Benny’s painting provides a high quality finish with the ultimate crisp edges.  They provide painting for walls, doors, any kind of living room, dining room bathroom.  They pain French doors, trim and any kind of specialty woodwork.

House painting kitchen
House Painting

Indoor and Exterior Painting

Benny’s Painting is focused on the effective preparation before starting painting that includes sanding, filling cracks, caulking, etc..  This prep work ensures a superior finished look that lasts longer.

Custom Color Matching

Benny’s Painting are experts at custom matching colors so that your new paint seamlessly matches with any existing colours.

Stain and Varnish

They are experts at staining and varnishing wood, including cupboards, railings, windows, and more.

Benny’s Painting provides the house painting service for the homeowner with the discerning taste.  Contact Benny’s Painting for a free estimate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we ensure that the deadlines for painting our home are met and the job is finished on time?

  • Benny’s Painting prides itself in meeting the expectations of our home owner clients.  We keep our time commitments.

Is one paint brand better than another?

  • Most brands today are very good.  There are a few brands that do stand out from the rest.  Claudio Marino will consult with you to understand your needs and help you determine what paint is best for the requirement of your house.  For example, trim and baseboards take more wear and tear than other painted areas.  This is an area where it is often recommended to get a higher grade of paint.

What are the VOC levels of the paint and is it safe in the house?

  • Government standards today allow for none or next to no VOCs (varnishes and eurethanes for floors are excepted from this).  There are no issues with VOCs for today’s paint.

Interior and Exterior Painting

  • Bathroom Painting
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Basement Painting
  • Bedroom and Living Room Painting
  • Dining Room Painting
  • Door Painting
  • Window Painting
  • French Doors & Window Painting
  • Trim and Railing Painting
  • Fence Painting
  • Siding Painting